What does a family law solicitor do?


To help you understand what a family law solicitor does and what their responsibilities are to their clients, we thought it would help if one of our award-winning team created an easy-to-understand guide. By explaining this area of law in detail we hope to clarify some of the questions we are asked by our clients and illuminate some key insights on family law. If you have any questions for our team of family law solicitors in Liverpool, simply get in touch.

What areas of law does a family solicitor cover?

First, let’s look at what areas are covered by ‘family law’ and under what circumstances you might need a solicitor with skills in this specialist area.


Sadly, sometimes relationships break down and it is necessary to begin divorce or nullity proceedings. Divorce can be a complex and distressing time for any family and it’s important to work with a team who have experience and expertise in this area. From financial arrangements to sorting out child care access, divorce is an area that needs tact and professionalism.

Domestic abuse

When dealing with domestic abuse, it is important to work quickly and safely to ensure that abused are given the help they need to live a  life free from fear. Often it is necessary to provide immediate care or services to those living with an emotionally, mentally or physically abusive partner. By dealing with a team who specialise in this area you’ll be able to get the best advice for your situation.


Whilst it is an exciting time, there are a number of things to consider when you’re thinking about moving in with someone. A family law solicitor will talk you through the options available to you, helping you to create clarity over who is responsible paying for what and all of the other legal minutiae that comes with living with another person in a shared space.

Children and guardianship

As the largest firm of specialist care lawyers in Liverpool, we understand the complex nature of laws surrounding children. In just this area of family law alone, the following is covered:

  • Foster care
  • Adoption
  • Care proceedings
  • Surrogacy
  • Child protection conferences
  • Domestic abuse

Whether it’s protecting the safety of your children or you’re in need of guidance and support around children and the law, our team of solicitors in Liverpool, Wirral and Sefton can help you understand this sometimes complicated subject.

What responsibilities does a family law solicitor have to their clients?

Now that we know which areas are covered under family law, what responsibilities do solicitors to have to their clients? And what should you expect from your solicitor if you hire them?

Your family law solicitor should:

  • Advise on the best solution for you, as well as explain your legal rights in regard to your specific situation.
  • Advocate on your behalf and tackle the adversary system head on.
  • Negotiate the best outcome for you and your family and ensure people’s needs are being met within reason.
  • Be professional, deliver a good level of service and make sure your case meets an ideal outcome.

Looking for advice on family law?

Our team covers many areas of family law including those mentioned in this post. If you would like advice in any of these areas reach out to our team and get in touch.

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