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Alison Lobb
Alison Lobb Managing Partner
Andrew Perrigo
Andrew Perrigo Partner - Family Law
Rachel Burns
Rachel Burns Partner - Family Law
Angela Eaton
Angela Eaton Partner - Family Law
David Parr
David Parr Partner
Carol Mason
Carol Mason Partner - Private Client
Donal Bannon
Donal Bannon Partner - Commercial Law
Julie Johnson
Julie Johnson Partner
Jo-anne Lomax
Jo-anne Lomax Partner - Family Law
Charles Millett
Charles Millett Partner (Non-member) - Employment Law
Michael Lamb
Michael Lamb Partner (Non-member) - Private Client
Peter Pownall
Peter Pownall Partner (Non-member) - Property
Eleanor Cockrell
Eleanor Cockrell Partner (Non-member) - Family Law
Carly Philp
Carly Philp Partner (Non-member) - Personal Injury
Rhea Munro
Rhea Munro Partner (Non-member) - Family Law
Caroline Grundy
Caroline Grundy Senior Associate Solicitor - Property
Alison Love (nee Williams)
Alison Love (nee Williams) Senior Associate Solicitor - Property
Stephanie Davidson
Stephanie Davidson Senior Associate Solicitor - Family Law
Claire Johns
Claire Johns Associate Solicitor - Family Law
Ruth Allanson
Ruth Allanson Associate Solicitor - Family Law
Vicki Morris
Vicki Morris Senior Associate Solicitor - Private Client
Michael Gossage
Michael Gossage Senior Associate Solicitor - Litigation and Commercial
Derek Dawson
Derek Dawson Senior Associate Solicitor - Litigation
Simon Murphy
Simon Murphy Associate Solicitor - Litigation
David Tournafond
David Tournafond Consultant - Private Client
Sarah Hobson
Sarah Hobson Associate FCILEx - Employment Law
Maureen Holloway
Maureen Holloway Associate Solicitor - Private Client
Jane Riddoch
Jane Riddoch Employment Law Advisor
Simon Higgs
Simon Higgs Associate Solicitor - Family Law
Eleanor Slater
Eleanor Slater Associate Solicitor - Family Law
Clare Kerrigan
Clare Kerrigan Associate, Chartered Legal Executive - Family Law
Shirley Bennett
Shirley Bennett Chartered Legal Executive - Family Law
Shirley English
Shirley English Chartered Legal Executive - Property
Liz Potter
Liz Potter Associate Legal Executive - Family Law
Kate McEvoy
Kate McEvoy Solicitor - Private Client
Stuart Duckett
Stuart Duckett Solicitor - Private Client
Rob Thomas
Rob Thomas Solicitor - Private Client
Ella Neale
Ella Neale Solicitor - Family Law
Kathy McQuillan
Kathy McQuillan Solicitor - Family Law
Heather Lyon
Heather Lyon Solicitor - Family Law
Natasha Brownbill
Natasha Brownbill Solicitor - Family Law
Rebecca Lacey
Rebecca Lacey Legal Executive - Family Law
Chloe Johnson
Chloe Johnson Chartered Legal Executive - Family Law
Aaron Ocquaye
Aaron Ocquaye Solicitor - Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence
Hannah Beardmore
Hannah Beardmore Solicitor - Family law
Josh Bourke
Josh Bourke Solicitor - Private Client
Amy Knowles
Amy Knowles Trainee Solicitor - Employment
Megan Williams
Megan Williams Trainee Solicitor - Property
Ella Jackson
Ella Jackson Trainee Solicitor - Family law
Lucy Morphy-Morris
Lucy Morphy-Morris Trainee Solicitor - Family Law
Freja Hopwood
Freja Hopwood Trainee Solicitor - Family law
Faye Kavanagh
Faye Kavanagh Trainee Solicitor - Private Client
Abbie Gilfoyle
Abbie Gilfoyle Trainee Legal Executive - Family law
Emily-Jayne Laughton
Emily-Jayne Laughton Trainee Legal Executive - Family Law
Jayne Stewart
Jayne Stewart Senior Paralegal - Property
Sharon Kinsella
Sharon Kinsella Senior Paralegal - Private Client
Lynne Brunskill
Lynne Brunskill Senior Paralegal - Private Client
Lisa May
Lisa May Senior Paralegal - Family Law
Kirsty Holland
Kirsty Holland Senior paralegal - Family law
Emma McNamara
Emma McNamara Senior Paralegal - Private Client
Alexandra Battle
Alexandra Battle Client care advisor
Louise Downey
Louise Downey Paralegal - Property
Gill Connor
Gill Connor Paralegal - Property
Natalia Woods
Natalia Woods Paralegal - Property
Joanne Smith
Joanne Smith Paralegal - Property
Vicki Barnes
Vicki Barnes Paralegal - Private Client
Tracey Winter
Tracey Winter Paralegal - Private Client
Lorraine Stead
Lorraine Stead Paralegal - Private Client
Jasmine Williams
Jasmine Williams Paralegal - Private Client
Lesley Agugua
Lesley Agugua Paralegal - Employment Law
Lana Stanley
Lana Stanley Solicitor Apprentice - Litigation
Georgia White
Georgia White Paralegal - Family Law
Jenny Lomax
Jenny Lomax Paralegal - Family Law
Ellen Ashton
Ellen Ashton Paralegal - Family law
Liam Negus
Liam Negus Paralegal - Family law
Elise Lloyd
Elise Lloyd Paralegal - Family law
Justyna Kazmierczak
Justyna Kazmierczak Paralegal - Family law
Adam Sexstone
Adam Sexstone Paralegal - Family Law
Lucie Milton
Lucie Milton Paralegal - Family Law
Roisin Egan
Roisin Egan Paralegal - Family Law
Connie Lawlor
Connie Lawlor Paralegal - Family Law
Louise Barwood
Louise Barwood Legal Support Assistant / Paralegal