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VLOG: Attending a meeting at Morecrofts – our safety measures


At Morecrofts, we are ensuring we have put safety above all else.

We are now holding meetings in all six of our offices with clients, but they must be pre-arranged and via appointment only.

This is to minimise the number of people who are in the office at any one time, so ensure we can socially distance and still offer our excellent service.

In the video below, our managing partner Alison Lobb guides you through what we have put in place.

When you attend your appointment, you will be asked to sanitise your hands as soon as you arrive.

There will be tape on the floor to guide you on safe social distancing.

We will have masks and gloves available if you would like to use them, and sometimes you may be required to wear them.

When we pre-arrange your appointment with you, we will ask you some questions about your health. Importantly, if you have been feeling unwell with any symptoms of COVID-19, we are unable to make your appointment immediately. We will check back with you in two weeks to see how you are, and hopefully schedule your meeting at our office.

When you do have your meeting with us, our meeting rooms are set up to keep you safe. You will be sitting a suitable distance form you legal representative, and there will be safety screens on the table. At this time we can’t offer you any hot drinks, but bottles of water will be available.

We won’t share pens or documents, and you must take anything you have touched home with you (e.g. pens, note paper, bottled water).

We will be keeping the time you physically meet with us as short as possible. We are making use of all technology to hold meetings remotely, but we appreciate that sometimes you may need to see someone in person.

All of our legal services are still here for you, and we are here to help in a safe and effective way.

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