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Tribunal Costs

What are Morecrofts’ costs likely to be for representing an employer in a tribunal case?

If the employer (respondent) has employment protection insurance that covers employment claims, then so long as our advice had been followed by the employer and the insurers have been notified in good time, then generally the case can be funded through insurance. We would agree hourly charging rates with the insurer (that would not exceed the charging rates set out below) and notify you if there was any excess payable under the policy.

If we are not acting for you through your insurance, we will normally proceed on the basis of our hourly rates or under an agreed fixed fee. Our hourly rates for the work we carry out are:

Partner: £250 + VAT;
Solicitor/Legal Executive: £200 + VAT;
Trainee solicitor/employment law adviser: £130 + VAT to £150 + VAT.

If you are paying us based on our hourly rates or at a fixed fee, the estimated cost for defending an employment claim brought in an employment tribunal, including the hearing itself based on a one day hearing, is £4,500 + VAT to £9,500 + VAT. For each additional day a hearing lasts, the costs are likely to increase by approximately £750 + VAT to £1,500 + VAT per day.

In cases of unusual complexity, such as a high value claim, or where the volume of communication between ourselves and the client significantly exceeds what we might have anticipated for a claim of that nature, the costs might even exceed £9,500 + VAT.

The above estimates include barristers’ fees for the hearing if a barrister is instructed to represent you. They do not include other payments that you might have to make to third parties, such as medical experts.

We are obliged to keep clients fully updated as to the costs of their matter on regular basis and we consider it important that we do so.

Who will carry out the work on my matter?

Your case will be supervised by Charles Millett, partner and head of our employment team. Charles has been a qualified solicitor since 2002 and has specialised in employment law throughout that period. Charles’ profile can be found here.

Charles is assisted by Sarah Hobson, an Associate FCILEx (Legal Executive), who has worked in the field of employment law for over 10 years. Sarah’s profile can be found here.

Charles and Sarah are also assisted by Jane Riddoch, employment law adviser (Jane’s profile can be found here) and Aaron Ocquaye Randles, trainee solicitor. Hollie’s profile can be found here.

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