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Special Educational Needs Solicitors

Depending on the severity of their difficulties your child might need just a small amount of extra help in school to enable them to reach their full potential, or they might need a great deal of additional provision, set out in a Statement of Special Educational Needs, and perhaps in a Specialist school setting.

If you have a child with special education needs we will help you find a way through the complexities of the system and gain the right educational provision for your child. We will obtain expert advice and reports identifying your child’s needs and guidance as to the help they require and the best school for them to attend. We will negotiate with the Local Authority on your behalf and, if necessary, we will help you with an appeal to the Special Educational Needs Tribunal.

Over the years we have been successful in obtaining an improved level of support, and the right school place, for a large number of children, thus enabling them to fulfil their educational potential.

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