School Admissions

Every year there are a vast number of parents who are not happy with the school to which their child has been allocated. Parents believe they can choose the school that their child should attend, but in reality the Law only provides them with a “right to express a preference”.

The best performing schools are often over-subscribed and often large numbers of families are disappointed. If your child has not been allocated to the school that you believe they should attend you have a right of appeal to an independent appeal panel.

At Morecrofts, our specialist education team have successfully overturned many admission decisions. One of our expert education lawyers will work with you on your admissions issue, whether by advising you on the procedure or by dealing with the whole matter on your behalf, including representing you at the appeal hearing. The decision of the Appeal Panel is final, so if you want to pursue an appeal it is important that you get advice at the start.

Secondary School Admissions Appeals

On the 1st of March each year parents all over the country will find out which schools their children have been allocated for their secondary education. For some it is a happy day, others may be disappointed at the decision which has been made.

If you are one of these parents then you do have a right of appeal.

We can:

Advise You

We will meet with you and advise you on the whole appeals process. We can tell you what action to take and what evidence you need to collect to support your appeal. We will advise you on your prospects of success in order that you can make an informed decision on whether to proceed. We will back this up with advice in writing so that you have all the information available to think about it in your own time. If you choose to only obtain advice from us in this way our charge is £400 plus VAT .

Help You

If you’d like us to take further action, we can assist you in preparing the appeal, and gathering evidence, we can correspond with the school or local authority for you and prepare written grounds of appeal for you to submit, and to rely upon at the hearing. For this service our charge is £750 plus VAT(including the initial advice and interview).

Represent You

If you would like us to represent you at the appeal, then we will be happy to do so. Parents often do not realise, until they attend an appeal hearing, how emotional the whole process can be. We can attend with you and put your case to the appeal panel, dealing with any questions they raise, questioning the representative of the school or local authority, and ensuring that your case is presented in the most favourable way. For the whole service including representation our charges are £1750 plus VAT. We may also have to charge for additional travel expenses if the hearing is not in the immediate Liverpool area.

There may be rare cases where the matter does become more complicated and you may wish to instruct us to do further work, which takes us outside of our fixed fee structure. If so, we will discuss this with you as soon as the matter arises and you can make the decision whether you want to incur any further costs. It is very unusual for this to happen, but if it does, we will not bill you for any further work without your express agreement in advance.

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