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Negotiating Severance Packages

If an employee and their employer have a falling out, or if they decide that the time has come for the employee to move on, then they will often want to agree upon a severance package in return for the employee agreeing not to bring any claims against the employer.

Each party will want to be sure that they are achieving their best possible result, and so each of them will require assistance in negotiating a mutually acceptable agreement. It may not be the case that your employer has told you they are dismissing you. However, what they have said may leave you feeling that they want your employment to end.

Perhaps they have asked you for an “off the record” chat in which they have raised the possibility of giving you a pay-off.

Alternatively, maybe you want to leave your employment, you feel you have claims against your employer, but you don’t really want the time and expense of going down the tribunal route.

In each of these circumstances, you will need to receive legal advice on what represents a reasonable deal and then assistance with negotiations. We seek to achieve a much better outcome for you than you would end up with if you went all the way to an employment tribunal hearing.

Our expertise in negotiating severance deals means that you can be assured that we are not only advising you sensibly, we are also using our skills to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Our aim is to leave you feeling that whatever you may have spent in legal costs is only a fraction of the benefit you have gained from our services.

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