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Land Development for Business

What is Commercial Land Development?

Commercial property refers to buildings or land that are used to generate profit, usually
from either rental income or capital gain.

Commercial Development of Land refers to the process in which commercial properties are
built. The development process of commercial properties can range from speculating on
land and the construction of new buildings to renovating existing properties.

Factors that contribute to the development of commercial properties include:

  • Site acquisition
  • Planning consents
  • Construction
  • Disposal of existing property

There are a multitude of factors to consider when purchasing a development site. You need
to make sure that the land can be developed for commercial purposes. Commercial land
development differs greatly to residential property development, as it deals with larger
projects. This can lead to higher risk and more complex technical disciplines.
Investing in land is a big commitment and you have to make sure that you first have a
suitable development plan. You must set realistic goals, choose the best land for you, and
know the risks.

There are potential obstacles that you need to be aware of, including:

  • Rights of way
  • Rights to light
  • Covenants that could affect development
  • Pipelines and other services under the site
  • Access from the site to the public highway

How can Morecrofts help?

When developing land, the process can be complex. A number of consents are required
before commencing development and selling off the individual parts. It is essential that you
seek legal assistance from an experienced professional before going about this process.

With this in mind, our specialist property lawyers will ensure that you are aware of all
consents you require and deal with the other aspects of the transactions, in order that there
are no delays when the properties are eventually sold.

Want to find out more?

At Morecrofts, we understand that the process of Commercial Land Development is
intricate and can be complicated to navigate. We can assure you that we can provide you
with the support you need, getting you the best possible outcome for your situation. To
find out more, call us on 0151 236 8871, email or use our contact

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