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Individual Voluntary Arrangement Services

Sometimes when you are struggling with debt it can feel like there is no way out. With late fees and interest mounting on a daily basis many people feel they don’t know where to turn and it can be a very lonely time.

At Morecrofts, we understand how troubling the burden of debt can be and we regularly help our clients to find a solution which removes that burden. We advise our clients on the many possible solutions available to them and our expert advice helps them to avoid making costly mistakes.

If you wish to avoid bankruptcy but cannot afford to pay all of your creditors on time then an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) may be the right option for you. We can guide you through the process of putting an offer to your creditors whereby you offer to pay them all of the money they are owed or a portion of the debt over a period up to five years.

The creditors then decide on whether to accept your offer and if it is approved by at least 75% in value of those creditors who decide to vote then the arrangement comes into effect and binds almost all of your creditors. There are some creditors who cannot be bound but these are not commercial debts.

Throughout the process your expert insolvency solicitor will be on hand to advise and reassure you during what can be a confusing and emotional time. We will give you the peace of mind in knowing that your debt is being dealt with by professionals allowing you to get on with enjoying life.

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