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Employment Tribunal Claims

If a dispute cannot be resolved any other way, then the last resort is to pursue a claim to the employment tribunals. There are strict time limits for the bringing of claims and it is absolutely essential that employees take legal advice sooner rather than later.

Only a small percentage of claims that are brought actually end up being heard by the tribunal, as the majority of cases are settled prior to the tribunal hearing.

At Morecrofts, we regularly represent employees in claims at the employment tribunals. We also have experience of representing clients in the Employment Appeal Tribunal.

It is important that, as your legal representatives, we are prepared for all eventualities and that we give you commercially sensible advice throughout the case. It is also vitally important that your tribunal claim is presented in a coherent and persuasive manner so that you are given every opportunity to succeed at tribunal.

Although the majority of tribunal cases we deal with are funded by the client privately, we can deal with some matters through funding by the client’s own insurance policy or are funded under contingency fee agreements, which are a form of no win – no fee agreement. We are also happy to discuss fixed fees for representation at tribunal so that you can budget for a set amount.

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