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Debt Recovery Solicitors

At Morecrofts, we can provide you with the services of a specialist team dedicated to the recovery of money owed to you. We can handle the matter from the initial letter before action, through the issue of court proceedings, if necessary, to judgment and then enforcement of that judgment.

We can advise you at every step of all the options that are open to you, including enforcement by the bailiff or sheriff, attachment of earnings orders, charging orders if the debtor owns property, third party debt orders and, if need be, the issue of bankruptcy or winding up proceedings.

We offer services to assist our clients through the process of debt recovery.  The exact costs will depend on the individual circumstances of the debt and we are always happy to discuss these in more detail.

The fees below relate to those cases where the debt is not challenged and enforcement action is not required.  If an opponent challenges the debt, we are adept at dealing with that but we regret a different fee structure would apply to deal with the manoeuvres of your opponent.  That fee structure would be discussed with you.  If enforcement of the Judgment is also required, we will advise you as to your options and the fees that apply to those steps.

Debt Value                                                                    Court fee             Our fee (plus VAT)

Up to £300                                                                       £25                         £200

Greater than £300 but less than £500                      £35                         £200

Greater than £500 but less than £1,000                   £60                         £200

Greater than £1,000 but less than £1,500               £70                         £200

Greater than £1,500 but less than £3,000               £105                       £200

Greater than £3,000 but less than £5,000               £185                       £350

Greater than £5,000 but less than £10,000            £410                       £750

More than £10,000 but less than £200,000           4.5% of claim      Request fee

The court fees are based on the claim using the court service, Money Claim on line (MCOL) and are subject to change by the Court Service.  Different fees apply if proceedings are issued in the County Court Money Claims Centre and we can provide those court fees for you.

Our fee includes taking your instructions, considering the documents you provide in relation to the claim, preparing a letter of claim, reviewing any reply and issuing (if necessary) court proceedings for recovery of your unpaid invoice, administrating the payment received of your debt at any point in that process and seeking Judgment in default against your opponent.  If the Judgment needs to be enforced then we will notify you of the steps required and the additional fees for those steps.  Our fee is charged to you.  We will also retain any fixed fee that the court allows for the debt and which is recovered from your opponent.

The VAT element of our fees cannot be recovered from your opponent if you are VAT registered.  Please note that the amount of interest on your unpaid invoice and/or any compensation under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 may take your case into a different band and fee structure.

In terms of time it will take between 30 – 60 days from you instructing us to payment of any damages and/or the issuing or court proceedings.  If court proceedings are issued, then it would normally take the court 5 – 10 working days to process any request of the court to issue court proceedings and/or obtain a Judgment in default.  From court proceedings being issued your opponent would have 14 days, from when the claim was issued, to provide an acknowledgement of service and 28 days, from the same point, to provide a Defence.  If they failed to meet either of those steps then we would seek to enter Judgment in default on your behalf.

The work will be undertaken by a member of litigation team, which includes Derek Dawson (who is a solicitor who has over 22 years litigation experience), Michael Gossage (a solicitor with over 7 years litigation experience) and Aaron Ocquaye (Trainee solicitor).

To find out more about our first class legal services call us on 0151 2368871, email or use our enquiry form.