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Data Protection Solicitors

Data Protection is a complex area of the law which will affect most businesses, whichever sector you might operate in. Data protection and privacy issues might arise in a very wide range of circumstances and, if your responsibilities are not understood or ignored, civil and criminal sanctions may be levied against your business.

While you must always be aware of the steps which you must take to comply with the Data Protection Principles, data is an asset of your business, and as such you should also ensure that your data processing activities are flexible enough to meet your business needs. All business should strive to maximise the commercial use and value of data.

Our specialist lawyers will provide pragmatic and practical advice which supports your commercial objectives and meets the needs of your business. We will strive to understand your requirements and try to turn what is typically expected to be a negative experience into a positive one which might reap rewards beyond compliance with data protection legislation.

A data protection audit should be seen as an opportunity to introduce and promote a data compliance programme which will offer additional revenue generating potential for your business.

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