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Contentious Probate Solicitors Liverpool

When a loved one passes away it is a very sad and difficult time for the friends and family. For some this can be made even worse by disputes between family members over the contents of the Will or the distribution of the estate.

If matters become contested then we can assist you. We deal with all aspects of these disputes, whether it is:

  • Challenging the validity of the Will on the basis that the necessary formalities were not complied with
  • Claiming that the deceased lacked capacity to make the Will or did not have full knowledge and approval of it
  • Allegations of someone having undue influence over the deceased
  • Uncertainty in the provisions of the Will
  • If you are an executor we can advise you on your obligations and if necessary apply to the court for guidance

Sometimes the deceased has not made a Will, and we can also advise you on issues that arise in those circumstances.

In cases like these, our experienced team of Contentious Probate Solicitors will offer you practical, effective support to protect your rights and interests. We can deal with both County Court and High Court actions on your behalf or use alternative methods, such as mediation, if appropriate.

Our experts will also advise on the best ways of financing litigation and the availability of litigation insurance to cover legal costs on both sides. In some cases public funding may be available.

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