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Child Abuse Compensation Claims

There is no excuse for child abuse, it is simply unacceptable. Unfortunately there are many people in our society who have suffered sexual, physical or emotional abuse in childhood. Every now and then such cases hit the headlines, but there are many more that are kept hidden or dealt with without publicity.

If you have been the victim of such abuse, you are not alone. Sadly our specialist team have seen hundreds of clients who have been abused in children’s homes, foster care, or even by members of their own family or friends. Many of those people have over the years tried to tell someone about their abuse but their reports have been dismissed or they have not been believed.

No amount of money can make up for abuse in childhood and the effect it may have had on your life. However, compensation might be available and could at least go some way to ease your suffering. This is an incredibly specialised area of law and we are one of very few firms in Merseyside to offer expert help in this area. We will deal with you sympathetically but professionally, making the process as pain free as possible, and of course absolute confidentiality is assured.

Over the past years we have obtained substantial awards of compensation for clients who suffered injury as a result of abuse by others, even when the abuse happened some time ago. In some of those cases our clients also received an apology from the people responsible for their injuries, and went away with the knowledge that their account had finally been believed and that someone had been held responsible.

The head of our specialist team, Alison Lobb, has been a member of the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers since it was founded reflecting her experience in this area.

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