Secondary School Appeals

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If your child is not offered a place in their chosen school, you can appeal.  The process for appealing is as follows: –

  • The deadline for lodging your appeal is 20 school days.
  • The appeal hearing must take place within 40 school days and you must be notified of the date 10 school days before.
  • You must be told the reasons why admission has been refused and you must be given reasonable time to submit your own evidence.
  • At the appeal hearing the admission authority will usually present their case first and you will have the opportunity to ask questions.  You will then present your case and the admission authority will be able to ask you questions.
  • In reaching their decision, the appeal panel must follow a 2 stage decision making process.
  • At Stage 1: –

The appeal panel must consider whether the admission arrangements are compatible with the Law, and were correctly and impartially applied in your child’s case.

The appeal panel must then consider whether the admission of 1 further child would cause prejudice to the provision of efficient education or efficient use of resources at the school.

  • At Stage 2: –

The appeal panel must balance the prejudice to the child against the prejudice to the school.

  • The appeal panel must give their decision within 5 school days.  This decision is usually final.

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