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Associate Solicitor

I am part of a brilliant team in our Crosby branch, specialising in Elderly Client Practice. Our work  includes making applications to the Court of Protection for authority for either ourselves or families to deal with a persons financial matters if they have become unable to do it for themselves and it is too late for a Lasting Power of Attorney-Property & Financial Affairs to be drawn up because the person has lost mental capacity.

As we are continually being told by the media the burden of looking after our increasingly elderly population is increasing year on year. We strive to help families with an elderly relative and “do the paperwork” while they get on with the day to day practicalities of looking after their loved one.

We also specialise in drawing up both types of Lasting Power of Attorney, being the one I have mentioned above and Heath & Welfare, the latter appointing an attorney to make health decisions for you if you become mentally unable to do so for yourself.

Other areas we specialise in are Wills and probate. We pride ourselves in being courteous and understanding of people thinking about the sensitive issues and what they would want to happen with their assets after their death and indeed acting for recently bereaved families.

I have been working in this area of law for over 12 years, formally qualifying as a Legal Executive in June 2011 and then as a Solicitor in May 2014. I qualified as a solicitor at the age of 52 which means my ambition is to work for Morecrofts Solicitors until the age of 90 to pay off student loans, not only for myself, but my 2 sons.

I am also an associate member of SFE 



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