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David Parr

As a partner of the firm, I take care of all the finances at the organisation. I also sit on the strategic board and the management team of the business.

My role includes management of the firm’s finance department, I am the compliance officer for finance and administration (COFA) and money laundering reporting officer.

I ensure that we, as a company, comply with SRA accounting regulations and that fee earners are kept up to date with regulatory change and closely monitor this to ensure they are compliant.

Before joining the firm in 2011, I worked at Marconi Communications as a management accountant for six years.

I was proud to become the first non-lawyer equity partner at Morecrofts in October 2014, and I enjoy developing the diversity of our current client base.

I play football, go running and like to go on long walks. I have a daughter named Emily, and I’m teaching her the importance of being an Evertonian.


22nd July 2019

BLOG: Why Pride should be shared by all

David Parr is finance partner at Morecrofts, and is an active member of both the Michael Causer Foundation board, and the LCR Pride Foundation board. This weekend we will celebrate...

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