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Charles Millett
Partner (Non-member) - Employment Law

I am the Head of the Employment Law and HR team at Morecrofts, and qualified as a solicitor in 2002.

I help employers manage their workforce in a way that meets the needs of their business but still complies with employment law.

I also help employees who have been treated unfairly by their employer, such as dealing with discrimination, dismissal, unlawful detriments or negotiating settlements.

I advise employees on settlement agreements that they have been given by their employer, and advise employers and employee on post-termination restrictions and the best way to move forward.

Many clients come to see me with problems that to them can seem too great to overcome.

By the end of the first meeting, they often tell me how much better they feel than when they first came in.  I find that hugely rewarding.  Making a positive difference to the lives of my clients, whether they are business owners or individual employees, is equally rewarding.

I enjoy working with a great set of people here in our employment and HR team whose professionalism and sense of humour helps make the working day a positive experience.

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