Foster Care

Foster Care is when a child is not able to remain with his or her natural parent and is placed into the care of the Local Authority. If a child cannot be placed within the family environment they are usually placed into Foster Care.

The foster care can be on a long term basis, for a number of years or until the child attains 16, or short term foster care which can be for days, weeks, or months depending upon the longer terms plans for the child.

A foster carer will have been approved by the local authority as an appropriate carer but may have a different parenting style to a child’s parent.

In certain circumstances a family member may be approved as a foster carer for a particular child. In that event the carer must be aware of their new role as a local authority delegate. A foster carer does not however have parental responsibility for any child placed in their care.

If you are a parent who has had a child placed into foster care with your agreement then you may need to seek legal advice as to what this means for you and your family and what are the likely steps from here on.

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