Forced Marriages

A forced marriage is one in which one or both spouses are coerced into marrying against their will. This can involve physical threats, emotional blackmail, sexual pressure or financial pressure. Forced marriage is an abuse of human rights and cannot be justified on any religious or cultural basis. it is not the same as an arranged marriage where you have a choice as to whether or not to accept the arrangement.

At Morecrofts our family law specialists have the knowledge and experience to help you. If you are the victim of a forced marriage or believe that a forced marriage is being planned for you we can advise you of your rights and refer you to agencies that can provide you with practical support and advice.

Sometimes if an allegation is made that a forced marriage has taken place or is being arranged the police and the courts can seek information from not only the woman’s parents but also members of the wider family such as aunts, uncles or older siblings. If you are being accused of assisting in the arrangement of a forced marriage we can advise you as to your legal position and arrange for you to be represented at any court hearings.

We will assess whether you are eligible for legal aid and as we have a contract with the Legal Aid Agency, we can grant legal aid immediately if necessary. if you are not entitled to legal aid we have a range of payment options available to suit your budget and needs.

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