Care Proceedings

Following the Pre-Proceedings Meeting, if a local authority still has serious concerns about the safety or welfare of a child, it can apply to the court to take the child into care.

Children are only taken into care when people are really worried that they are suffering, or are likely to suffer, significant harm from the way they are being looked after by their parents or carers, or where the child is beyond the control of a parent. Sometimes, a local authority may also apply to the court to have a child placed for adoption.

The first thing the local authority will do is ask the family court to make a temporary court order, called an ‘interim care order’. After this, the local authority social worker will carry out some investigations into your children’s welfare and suggest a ‘care plan’. The care plan outlines what they think should happen to your children, including whether they think your children should be taken into care or stay in the family. The care plan will be given to the family court to help it make the final decision about what should happen to your children.

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