Sometimes when you are struggling with debt it can feel like there is no way out. With late fees and interest mounting on a daily basis many people feel don’t know where to turn and it can be a very lonely time.

At Morecrofts, we understand how troubling the burden of debt can be and we regularly help our clients to find a solution which removes that burden. We advise our clients on the many possible solutions available to them such as Bankruptcy and our expert advice helps them to avoid making costly mistakes.

We will advise you on the consequences of bankruptcy and will negotiate with the Trustee in bankruptcy over the purchase of his interest in the matrimonial home so that you do not lose your home.

If you have been made bankrupt by others and wish to have the bankruptcy set aside then we will apply to court for this to happen, again for a fixed fee.

We can advise you in relation to any claims brought by your Trustee against you; for example, that you have made preference payments or sold your assets before bankruptcy for significantly less than they were worth. We can also apply for a suspension of discharge from bankruptcy to end.

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