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Mediation – what are the benefits?

Family mediation

Family Mediation is a very popular alternative to going through the courts to resolve family law issues and financial disputes. It is a confidential process, involving the parties discussing their issues and aiming to reach a settlement with the help of an impartial third party, usually a family law solicitor.

There are a number of reasons to consider family mediation seriously before issuing proceedings with the courts:

1. Mediation is only likely to last for a couple of sessions

Mediation some at a much cheaper cost than court fees. The cost of court proceedings can be very expensive, in particular when dealing with complex family law cases and financial issues.

2. Mediation can be completed within a short period of time,whereas the court process can be very lengthy.

At any point throughout the dispute, mediation can be used, and can therefore produce an outcome quickly, providing both parties reach an agreement.

3. Family Mediation is completely confidential.

Even if the dispute went to court, the issues raised in the family mediation meetings cannot be discussed.

4. Family Court Proceedings can be very stressful for all those involved.

Often, in family law cases, one party will receive a judgment which they are unhappy with and be left with little option to change that. This could be particularly difficult when the matter involves contact with children, or finance disputes. The process of mediation allows the parties to have a degree of control over the matters, and allows them to make decisions about their family between themselves, often much more beneficial to both parties than if the courts had passed a judgment.

5. If an agreement cannot be reached by both the parties, nothing can be enforced upon them.

Either party can withdraw from mediation at any time, and if necessary, start the litigation process through the court.

Although there isn’t always an end result guaranteed with family mediation and some people may wish to bypass this alternative and go straight to the courts, the list of benefits is most definitely something to consider when involved in an ongoing family dispute and considering litigation.

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