EXPERT COMMENT: Heterosexual couple win legal battle to have a civil partnership instead of marriage.

Carole Brennan Divorce lawyer

The Supreme Court have unanimously ruled that Rebecca Steinfield and Charles Keidan from London should be able to enter into a civil partnership.

Since March 2014 same sex couples can choose either to marry or enter into a civil partnership. This has not been possible for mixed sex relationships. The couple argued that the law was discriminatory. They said that they wanted to enter a civil partnership rather than a marriage because they felt civil partnership is a modern symmetrical institution and that marriage had outdated connotations that they were not comfortable with.

The government will now have to look at this issue and decide what to do about it.

Campaigners want the government to allow all people access to civil partnerships and hope that there now will be a change in the law.


Carole Brennan, partner and family law expert at Morecrofts said….

I think it is important that the government should now look closely at the judgment and address all discrimination in this area. It should be noted that there is no difference in a person’s legal rights as to whether they are married or in a civil partnership, and this ruling means that it is now an individual choice, reflective of modern society.

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