Grandparents: Protecting a special relationship

Grandparents Rights

There has been a lot of discussion in the press about Grandparent’s rights to see their Grandchildren

This is because Lucy Frazer QC, a justice minister says she would like to see a change in the law to establish a “ presumption” that grandparents see their grandchildren after parents split up.

The proposed changes would see the court place greater weight on attempts by grandparents and other family members to see their grandchildren/ nieces and nephews.

There have been some reports of cases where grandparents have been accused of harassment for sending their grandchildren birthday cards. At the moment grandparents can make an application to court but first they have to apply for leave and then they have to apply to see their grandchildren. Although in my experience courts will support a child’s right to have a relationship with their grandparents this suggested change would make it far easier for grandparents to apply to court and would avoid the situation of their being accused of harassment for trying to keep in touch.

Studies show that an ongoing close relationship with grandparents is a positive experience for them at the time when their parents are separating.

Grandparents bring so much to their grandchildren’s lives and the law should reflect that instead of putting obstacles in children’s way. Children have every right to grow up having a close relationship with their extended family and there has to be very good reason for this not to happen.

I hope the government can look at this important issue for children and the changes will come sooner rather than later to prevent children missing out on these special relationships.

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