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Can I see my children at Christmas?

Beautiful Christmas gift boxes on floor near fir tree in room

Christmas can be one of the most difficult times for separated families. It is normal for both parents to want to spend this time with their children however for those who split their time between two homes it may not be possible.

Anybody with parental responsibility would normally spend time with their children over the Christmas period. The ideal situation would be for both parents to agree between them as to how to split this time.  An example of this could be Christmas day spent with one parent and boxing day with the other and then the other way round the next year.

Unfortunately, it is often difficult for an agreement to be reached. If one parent finds that the other is not making it easy for arrangements to be made and not agreeing to them spending time with their children, we can help by writing to the other parent with proposals.  Mediation can also be attempted.  Hopefully matters can be resolved at this point and there is no need to take anything further.

The next steps

If mediation doesn’t work, a parent can make an application to court for an order. Here is a link to our blog dated 18 July 2023 which talks some more about these steps (Child Arrangements – the route to getting to court )

Whilst court can be a scary thought, it may be that this is the only way to reach a solution. Morecrofts Solicitors can assist through the proceedings, from helping with the application to legal advice during the proceedings and legal representation at hearings. There may be legal aid available for this advice, a legal aid assessment would need to be undertaken.

Should you wish to find out more about how Morecrofts can assist in making sure you can see your children over the Christmas period or if you want to talk about sorting out child arrangements in general, please get in contact.