Commercial Mediation

Are you involved in a dispute that you would like to resolve quickly, and concerned that the legal process will take a long time and be expensive? Do you wish there were a quicker and cheaper way to deal with it?

Is the dispute with a person or company with which you would still like to do business, which is unlikely to happen if you get involved in a full scale court battle?

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution which can be used in commercial cases at any stage of the dispute process to help bring about a settlement and avoid potentially costly court cases. It enables opposing parties to reach their own workable solution to their problem.

It is now one of the most popular ways to resolve disputes, thanks to its low cost, low stress, speed and effectiveness, plus the rate of success is high! Mediation is suitable for most commercial disputes and it is encouraged by the court if proceedings have already started, but equally can be utilised at an early stage of a dispute before court costs have been incurred.

The process is entirely confidential and if the matter is not resolved in this way, all your rights are still preserved so you can take your case to the courts if necessary.

At Morecrofts, our specialist commercial litigation solicitors always consider the best course of action in conducting our clients’ cases and, if mediation is the appropriate way forward for a case, then we are well placed to conduct the mediation on our clients’ behalf. We have considerable experience of the procedure, and excellent and effective advocacy skills.

In addition Morecrofts has two fully accredited Mediators, Brian Lawlor and Anne Heseltine. They are both experienced lawyers who have acted as Mediators in numerous disputes, and are very skilled in guiding the parties to successful resolution of disputes.

We understand how worrying legal costs can be so we have a range of payment options available to suit your budget and needs. We offer fixed fee packages for many of our services alongside our traditional fee system and we will help you to decide which option is right for you.

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