Information Technology

Whether you are in the business of developing and supplying software applications for your customers, or procuring the same for your business, it is imperative that any IT contract is crystal clear about what is being supplied, the terms of supply and any rights the respective parties have to own/exploit any background or resulting intellectual property.

The computer industry is typified by new and innovative products and is in an almost constant state of expansion, growth and development. The wide range of products and services that continue to appear on the market demonstrate this diversity. However, there are no industry standard forms of agreement used by suppliers of computer hardware and software and the end users of those products and services. In some cases bespoke agreements will be required.

By their very nature, computer software, hardware and systems are technologically complex. In our experience, if the terms of an IT related transaction are not structured and agreed properly at an early stage, and ultimately recorded in a binding contract, problems very often arise.

At Morecrofts, we have extensive experience and expertise in drafting and negotiating IT agreements whether you are the supplier or the customer. Our specialist lawyers will ensure that they understand your commercial requirements and take a practical approach which ensures that the needs of your business are met and any risks are minimised. In particular we will ensure that any intellectual property rights are adequately protected and may be exploited.

We understand how worrying legal costs can be so we have a range of payment options available to suit your budget and needs. For many of our services we offer fixed fee packages alongside our traditional fee system and we will help you decide which option is right for you.

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