Director Disqualification

Wrongdoing on the part of directors can also lead them to being disqualified by the court from being a director of, or involved in the management of, a limited company for a period between two and fifteen years. 

At Morecrofts, our expert insolvency team have an enviable track record of successfully defending directors faced with disqualification proceedings, albeit that not all directors have the financial resources to defend such proceedings to Trial. We have been able to negotiate a shorter disqualification period with the solicitors acting on behalf of the Secretary of State and in all cases to obtain leave from the court for the director concerned to continue to act as a director of the new company.

We can assist a director with an objective evaluation of the merits, to help him to decide whether or not to defend the proceedings and how best to address the problem. This can save money in the long term by his avoiding becoming embroiled in expensive, contested litigation. The Secretary of State may accept an undertaking from a director not to act as a director of a limited company. If such undertaking is offered and accepted before proceedings are commenced the DTI will not usually seek its costs from the director, therefore it is important to obtain professional advice at the earliest possible date.

We understand how worrying legal costs can be so we have a range of payment options available to suit your budget and needs. Our fixed fee is designed specifically to give you the peace of mind in knowing there are no hidden extras.

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