Business MOT Check

All too often small business owners become so focused on the day to day management of their business that they simply don’t have the time or the financial resources to step back, take stock and ensure the business has sufficient legal protection.  Today’s seemingly non-urgent issues become tomorrow’s desperate fire-fights.

We provide a complete range of business services that will address all the legal and practical issues faced by any business, and we will deliver pragmatic advice tailored to your needs.  Why not take our free Business MOT Check, and find out what issues you should be thinking about, what issues you should be dealing with, and what issues you have to deal with now.

Our Business MOT Check provides you with a free, no obligation consultation to discuss the legal aspects of your business in which we will review:

I.  Your business structure: Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited Company, LLP

II.  Your employees: employment contracts, employment policies

III.  Your premises: review of your lease or licence

IV.  Your contracts: review your terms of business

V.  Your intellectual property protection

Following the consultation we will prepare a report which will identify issues which require further action, and include fixed fee quotes for each area identified.

In addition, we offer cost effective bolt-on services to our Business MOT Check package.  Why not call us now to hear more about our Intellectual Property bolt-on or our Website Compliance bolt-on.

To find out more about our first class legal services call us on 0800 949 9123 or use the enquiry form.