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BLOG: Small increase to Bereavement Damages

Carly Philp – website

What are Bereavement damages?

Bereavement damages are a fixed sum of money paid to certain family members when their loved one dies due to the negligent actions of someone else.

What is the fixed sum?

The Government has confirmed an increase from £12,980 to £15,120.

When does this increased sum apply?

It only applies to deaths which occur on or after 1 May 2020.

How often is the fixed sum increased?

This is the first increase in the amount in 7 years!

The President of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers [APIL] of which I am an accredited member has said:

“An inflationary increase to statutory bereavement damages in England and Wales is not good enough. The Government has taken only the smallest of steps to improve the law in this area, and it simply is not enough. The Government must stop treating bereavement damages as a ‘token’. These damages are supposed to acknowledge that a life has been lost needlessly. The inflationary increase is still only a derisory sum, nor does it recognise that the impact of the loss of a loved one cannot be one size fits all. It is long overdue for England, Wales and Northern Ireland to adopt the Scottish system of assessing each claim on a case-by-case basis.”

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