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Attention private landlords – are your properties up to date?


IN 2015 the Government announced its intention to impose minimum energy efficient ratings into the private rented sector. Those three years has flown by and residential landlords now have little more than a month to upgrade their properties so that they have an EPC rating of no lower than E.

This applies not only to new leases and tenancy agreements but also to renewal of existing agreements.

As from the 1st April properties with EPC ratings of F and G cannot be let to tenants unless any of the exemptions in the regulations apply. These can be found on the link

The regulations will be enforced by local authorities, many of whom already deal with enforcement of their own Registered Landlords’ Scheme, so this additional enforcement will not be too much of an added burden.

Enforcement will come in the way of notices followed by fines up to £5000 for each house or flat.

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