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A tribute to Jo, our much-loved colleague

Joanne W – Copy

On Tuesday 7th April everyone at Morecrofts will be taking some time out to remember and celebrate the life of our much-loved colleague, Joanne Warburton, who sadly died last month.

Jo joined Morecrofts straight from school, on 1st April 1983 and worked mainly as a legal cashier until she retired due to her ill health, in 2019.

Working in the cash office meant that Jo was known to everyone, and all who passed through the firm will remember her fondly.

As our longest serving employee, Jo was awarded a host of long service awards over the years and made many strong and enduring friendships.

A great friend

Jo’s colleague, Anne Horn said: “Jo had a heart of gold would help anyone, she helped me bring Rachael my daughter up, and was her bridesmaid. We used to go to Southport clubbing in our youth and had such a laugh.

“Jo made it to my daughter’s wedding last September, to our great delight, and even knowing that she was ill, she had a great time. We have had such good laughs and low times together, but we have both got through this as we were good friends, and always had each other.”

Always there for others

Another colleague, Lynne Brunskill added: “I first met Jo when she was 19 years old. She started working in reception in Queen Building back when we were Morecrofts & Owen Dawson. She worked on the old-style switchboard, and I remember on my first day of work she had an amazing blond curly perm and I was in awe of it only to find out afterwards it was a huge mistake!

“Jo took such pride in her work, everything had to be correct.  She did love her job, but her son Adam always came first in her life and she was very proud of him.

“I remember going out after work in the 80s in our white stilettos, big hair and shoulder pads and drinking Martini and Lemonade, dancing the night away.

“She was a such a kind person always offering to help where she could, she would drive miles out of her way just to assist anyone in trouble or just deliver something.”

None of us at Morecrofts will forget Jo, and when times are better, we hope to be able to hold a proper commemoration of her life, but in the meantime we will be holding a quiet tribute to remember one of our own.

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